Emergency Preparedness

Gather supplies and build an emergency kit

Unexpected situations happen everyday. Having supplies is one thing you can do to help manage whatever may come your way.

If an emergency happens in your community, it may take emergency workers some time to reach you. Being prepared allows emergency workers to help those who need it most. You should be prepared to take care of yourself and those close to you for a minimum of 72 hours. For information and checklists on what to include in your emergency kit, visit alberta.ca/GetSupplies

What to do before, during and after an emergency

There are many potential hazards in Alberta, such as wildfires, floods and severe storms. Knowing the threats in your community can help you prepare for what’s in your control. To learn about each hazard and what you can do to become better prepared, visit alberta.ca/HazardPrep

Preparedness reduces the disruption to your life

Being prepared can help you manage emergencies, disasters and life’s inconveniences. Create an emergency plan to help you reduce the stress of making important decisions in urgent situations. Take one step today by visiting alberta.ca/BePrepared to learn how to make an emergency plan for your household (including your pets and farm animals).

What is the Alberta Emergency Management Agency?